pin-tackThe age old saying of it’s not where you are but who you’re with is wrong. In today’s world of communication, people are constantly updating their friends, family and strangers on minute details of their lives from a filtered image of a breakfast bagel to 140 character opinions on athlete’s attire. But always included in the most important updates is location.

Today’s individual is never alone, the world is at their fingertips on a device never out of arm’s reach. However, the “where” factor is changing the technology landscape more than who, what or why ever could.

Big data continues to be a buzz word and a popular conversation topic whether it’s around big government or the cloud. As this data is gathered, it builds the perfect environment for cognitive computing to take off. After all, the value lies in what can be done with the information.

Enter (again), location. Depending on where an individual is, their needs and wants differ. As people, we like to be part of something bigger and help others; otherwise, why would we tell those behind us where animals are hiding out as road hazards? Big data and cognitive computing is leading society to a smart world, where who you are and where you are feeds your immediate experiences.

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