Location-based Services and Cybersecurity

The preferred mobile cybersecurity platform for leading enterprises and government agencies, ZoneDefense™ delivers full-spectrum mobile device detection, and zone-based security policy enforcement accurate to within 1.5 meters. Available as a stand-alone system or as a location integration with leading mobile and network security solutions, ZoneDefense provides rock solid dynamic mobile security both indoors and out.

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Precision indoor and outdoor location-based services and analytics for cellular and WiFi devices. The ZoneAware™ platform enables virtually any mobile application or web-based service to become location-based. Designed for retailers, property managers, hospital and healthcare facilities managers, resort operators, public venue operators and others who want to enable different location based services in whole buildings or zones as small as 1.5 meters.

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AirPatrol’s ZoneEngine™ lets developers incorporate the world’s most precise location-based services platform into their mobile apps, websites and information services. Designed for developers and service providers that want to provide indoor location services or go beyond the limits of GPS locationing, ZoneEngine can provide mobile locationing and zone-based app and information delivery to zones as small as 1.5 meters across.

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Must read case studies on the advantages of location-based mobile device security in the healthcare, financial & federal markets.

AirPatrol's location-based security and services platform benefits a number of industries. Interested to see what it can do for your? Check out these must-read case studies for the healthcare, financial, correctional and federal markets.

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AirPatrol’s ZoneDefense Suite demonstrates how we can help our customers assess vulnerabilities, control environments and mitigate wireless risks.
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