armynavyAfter denying an invitation to join a group’s tee-time and entering the building through the service entrance, I finally found the breakfast buffet (bacon, eggs, bacon, fruit, bacon) and mobile cyber security discussion.

The Mobile Intelligence and Application Security Symposium was hosted by AMP Technology Solutions and the Retired Navy Commander and POW, the Honorable Everett Alvarez, Jr. AirPatrol’s CTO, Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, and Appthority’s VP, Jeremy Carlson, led the conversation.

I’ve attended more than a couple mobile and cyber security events but this one had a unique flavor; instead of feeding FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) and chanting about BYOD, this symposium gave analysis of current market offerings and solutions.

Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista explained how DLP (data loss prevention) has changed and the mobile device is the #1 attack vector. Although we talk about it now, he said, “Three years ago, no one knew how to spell MDM” and Gartner took it a step further when it stated previously, Context-aware computing stands where search engines and the web did in 1990.” The tech world has evolved quickly and mobile is everything; “Welcome to World War M,” Levy-Yurista said.

Jeremy Carlson dispelled myths about what kind of apps are the most risky (gaming and non-gaming apps are equally as dangerous) and the steep growth rate of an enterprise’s number of apps as each individual device averages 50-250.

But the real power of the symposium was in the questions asked of the audience:

  • What can mobile policy do if IT doesn’t know what apps do? (ie. what apps have access to on a device)
  • Mobile devices are an extension of the individual, so how is the enterprise going to detect, control, and secure these attack vectors within the right context?

Levy-Yurista and Carlson finished by a quick walk through of the joint offering from AirPatrol’s ZoneDefense and Appthority. The unique capability to do zone-based dynamic application risk management is one step towards complete enterprise security. Want to see how? Just ask.