byodAlthough many companies are jumping on board for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), many are still hesitating and have an overall resistance toward changing the corporate culture to one that is more mobile friendly. Intel is one such company that resisted moving towards mobile but is now embracing mobile so thoroughly and so quickly that Intel may jump in front of some of their competition.

But are they too late? Can companies that haven’t embraced mobile or the shift of technology to a world where everything is mobile catch up?

The new chief executive to Intel believes they’ll be fine, “Whatever is the leading technology today probably won’t be tomorrow. So it gives us the chance to insert ourselves.”

The technology of tomorrow includes wearable computers, mobile devices that are hidden in eye wear – aka devices that are aware of contextual information, context aware mobility. Intel, a company based on chips, says they have created a game-changing device and plan to create quite a wave once it is revealed. In a world where sensors are becoming more and more prevalent, the new product could be based upon picking up information and changing it into something useful for the operator.

There’s no date set for the release of this product but it is a big sign that even industry giants need to change in order to survive in the age of mobile 3.0.