cyber insecurityThe cybersecurity industry continues to address cyber issues as a new type of problem, that never before have we addressed an issue that is so hard to define, control, and predict. True, cyber is international and difficult to track but we’ve been here before, we can handle this. Cybersecurity doesn’t need to be the next Pearl Harbor.

Some are calling cyber security the 21st century’s version of air pollution:

“It may be more helpful to think about cybersecurity… as a by-product of Information Age activities like eCommerce, Web browsing, emailing, and using social media.  In other words, our use of, and reliance upon, information technologies produces a state of insecurity—an exposure to liability, risk or loss—that impacts society as a whole.”

See, that makes sense. Cyber is an opportunity that may spoil if we don’t take the necessary precautions to secure it, to harness its power and make sure it’s working for us. It’s like playing with fire – the capabilities are enormous but in the wrong, greedy hands, it can turn and even burn those that started it. It’s a chess game of smarts, think a few moves ahead and think about what the other side is doing. We have a few ideas of who the “other side” is… We can do this.

As an industry, including the government leaders involved in policy creation and those implanting changes in the enterprise, we need to get rid of feelings of hopelessness. Yes, we aren’t invincible. Yes, they might already be in your system. Yes, they may have some of your confidential information. Yes, it is going to be hard to recover. But, we can and we will. What’s easier than this? Stopping the cybersecurity attack before it happens through complete cooperation across industries, governments, and more. The threats keep coming, mobile devices will globally outnumber people in the next 10 years, and we’ll need to continuously modify our defensive, and possibly offensive, measures.

Take a breath. We’ll be okay if we are aware. Be cybersmart instead of being part of the cyber insecurity epidemic.