mobile devicesIt used to be simple: Macs and iPhones were personal, Blackberry and Microsoft were business. However, with BYOD and an influx of mobile device options, this line is near invisible.


  • Gartner predicts that by 2014, Apple Macs will be as accepted by enterprise IT as Microsoft PCs are today. These consumers are pushing the BYOD trend and are the same individuals shaping enterprise device security policies.
  • Business models are changing to a cloud based system vs. on-premise hardware. There is nothing about the cloud that doesn’t promote and allow excessive mobility.
  • Businesses refuse to accept a poor user experience, as do consumers. Since consumer applications and devices depend on a user friendly experience, individuals expect the same type of ease and clarity in business software and applications.
  • This year, it is expected that 80% of companies will take the BYOX plunge.

What does this mean for the consumer friendly enterprise and software vendors? Think Big Data, and all that it means. As these smart consumer devices continue to take over the enterprise, the enterprise needs to keep up. This was an issue brought up at the CES Show earlier this year, as consumers require devices that are enterprise savvy as well.

So much for a line between consumer and enterprise technology, it appears they’re sharing the same DNA.