fireworks_new_year_2013It’s the beginning of a new year which means we survived the Mayan apocalypse, the American fiscal cliff, and our families during the holiday season. Our next big thing to survive: mobility.

Our inboxes are full of predictions for 2013. The idea is if we are able to predict what 2013 will bring, then we can create policies and proactively get ahead of foreseeable problems. These technology and security predictions focus on mobility and how enterprises and agencies worldwide will be affected by the multitude of acronyms that start with M (MDM, MAM, MEM, …) and BYO (BYOD, BYOA, BYON, …).

2013 is the year of employee mobile empowerment.

Everyone likes mobility. In the UK, a tablet was sold every second in the period running up to Christmas last year but only 1/5 of large firms currently have a BYOD policy. This Christmas, more smartphones were activated than on any other day in history.

Mobile devices are here to stay. Forrester explains that Apple is expected to sell $39 billion in Macs and iPads to businesses over the next two years and will continue to own the enterprise tablet market for the following reasons:

  1. Apple has good products that employees want to use and feel proud when their firm provides them.
  2. Apple has the best-in-class tablet (the iPad), which firms turn to first.
  3. Apple is a corporate sales organization that has been responsive to business demand and delivers competitive prices.

Enterprises must concentrate not on predictions for 2013, but on resolutions and strategy. Realize what your employees want, what they will inevitably use to increase efficiency and productivity, and resolve to make these technology methods secure and empowering.