capitol bldgIn an article from Reuters today, “FBI warned US Labor Department data might be leaked-report,” discussed the security precautions that have taken effect for the release of market data to the press. After reading the article, I realized we have written a case study for this EXACT situation months ago. Here it is:

Use Case: Market Data

Summary: With the need to assure a cellular and Wi-Fi “mobile device free” zone during the pre-release of market sensitive data, AirPatrol’s sensors and monitoring capabilities were able to answer the agencies’ needs.

Introduction: Market sensitive data is important for federal agencies to control. By allowing reporters, news analysts and others access to the data hours before the release, agencies risk leakage. This time is given to these individuals to help prepare stories regarding the market data to reduce any unfair advantage.

Challenge: Whether a room or a few floors, the security of the quarantined zone for market sensitive data is of vital importance. These government agencies needed reliable continuous monitoring and detection capabilities to determine the zone was free of all cellular or Wi-Fi mobile devices.

Solution: AirPatrol’s capabilities were deployed on the borders of various quarantined areas to prevent data leakage. AirPatrol brings the confidence to defend these quarantined areas through continuous monitoring and detection.

See the similarities? It is necessary to be able to monitor and detect ALL wireless devices (cellular and Wi-Fi) in order to truly secure an area.

In a different article, “Over the course of the last four years, the DOL was approached by various regulatory authorities (e.g. OIG, SEC, and FBI) concerned that key economic data were potentially subject to unauthorized, premature release,” wrote Sandia National Laboratories in the report, which was dated August 2011. Mr. Fillichio said at the June hearing that there had been about seven instances where issues arose tied to security or the release of data ahead of the permissible time.

Lets avoid another breaking news story about the early release of sensitive data and use a solution to stop the presses.