cyber USAContinued series from the Swift Exchange event in DC on April 11th. I’d like to specially thank Steve Chabinsky, Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s cyber division for starting this discussion.

As discussed in the last blog, securing cyber space can endanger the free flow of information but we must discover and implement ways to globally collaborate around new information. Cyber is not an internet issue but a life problem as it will affect the chips found in everything from your computer and cell phone to your car, pacemaker and dishwasher. Imagine a world where this is all available remotely.

That world is here.

The cyber grid brings access to everything which will lead to new trends of criminals getting paid. Celebrities with hacked phones, leaked photos and messages pay outlandish sums of money to protect their secrets every day; we can only imagine what big corporations will pay for secrets that would have reputational damage if released.

Think back to the luxury of September 10th when we didn’t know of the damage that was about to come. If we had known what our environment was and the hidden dangers, September 11th may have played out differently. Every little bit of knowledge helps and the trendy wireless world is a growing threat. The ability to detect and monitor all cellular and Wi-Fi devices gives agencies and corporations a heads up to what the invisible environment is. Be prepared.