One of the most gratifying experiences any new parent goes through is the personal growth and change that comes into one’s life alongside the new born. Over the 6 weeks that have passed since the launch of ZoneDefense into the world, we have all been transformed significantly. New realizations have dawned on us as we were talking to customers, demonstrating the revolutionary capabilities of the new product. New use cases were presented to us by prospects and new terminology has begun permeating our world.

If there is one word I discovered that I didn’t really understand prior to Aug. 16th, it is ‘Mobile’. Putting
it another way, in drawing the boundaries of our vision for enterprise mobility, we were too timid. At the time when ZoneDefense launched we were talking, thinking, breathing and dreaming of ‘Mobile Devices’. And yet all we could see around us were smartphones and tablets.

What a myopic point of view!

As customers have been telling us since then, Mobility means a lot more to them then just dynamic management of these two form factors. All of a sudden, it has been clear that as we grow AirPatrol to become the world leader in Enterprise Mobility, our DNA as a company would need to expand and encompass many other aspects of mobile reality. Other computing form factors, applications, permissions, profiles, identities, utilities, and services are all mobile in their core and yet all have been treated till now as stationary objects with a one-dimensional use case point of view.

Why was the world so short-sighted in ignoring what is, in hindsight, so obvious? Why weren’t all of these scenarios, use cases and objects considered till now to hold the promise of dynamic mobility?

The answer is simple and painfully prosaic – technology just wasn’t there. The mesh-up of physical reality with logical tools didn’t exist in a widely available, enterprise-grade, scalable fashion. This has changed on August 16th earlier this year when ZoneDefense was released. Mobility can now be redefined safely.

And so now, 45 days post the launch of our new-born technology platform, we have grown. The future looks clearer to us all, brighter and more exciting. Expect great things from us in the coming months. The future of Mobility is coming and it is broader than what we all thought it could include. We are proud and thrilled to be part of it. We are honored by the opportunity to shape it.