“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” – Newton’s Third Law

Unless you have unplugged yourself from any source of media this past week, you have heard about the passionate Casey Anthony case. Forever immortalized in the world of today’s go-to encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the case had the nation glued to see what the jury had decided on Tuesday, July 5 via TV broadcast shown on TVs, computers, tablets and phones.  The verdict was scheduled for 2:15pm.

Having only recently joined AirPatrol, I know that there are at least two companies that expect employees to be at work working at 2:15 on a Tuesday.  This means that a large percentage of people watching the verdict were streaming it from devices connected to the system’s network wirelessly on iPads, Android phones and even the old-school laptop computers.

I doubt the all companies frowned upon their employees tuning into the most media-fed courtroom proceedings since the OJ Simpson trial, but the fact, it stands that these devices were on a secure network doing insecure things.

I found one of the most intriguing parts of this case to be when the camera wasn’t on the (insert adjective here that fits your opinion) mother but when it was on the proceedings in the courtroom itself.  As explained by the judge after 7:15, the young man’s accidental actions could have jeopardized the entire trial.  His one action could have had a butterfly effect on the entire courtroom and it was “lucky,” as Judge Belvin Perry said, that it was not noticed by the jury.

This is a simple example of how the infiltration of one rogue or unexpected person (and/or device) can change the entire course you have planned or the case you have built.  With just one unexpected earthquake, you are now reeling backwards from the shake with your compromised network charging ahead throwing out secrets, funds and other unknowns.

Products like AirPatrol’s ZoneDefense can defend you against these surprise attacks and, with wireless situational awareness, change earthquakes into rainstorms – predictable and defensible.

Lauren Edwards is AirPatrol’s Director of Marketing.