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Improve your park while making your customers happy.

What We Can Do

  • Attract new customers with a new ride and know which ride it should be replacing.
  • Give step-by-step directions to a close ride with a shorter line for those waiting for a different ride.
  • Reward those who regularly visit with well-placed offers for discounted food, drinks and early access to a new ride.
  • Create an experience that keeps people coming back for more, and with their friends.

What You Can Find Out

  • What rides or attractions are visited and in what order?
  • What retail and dining outlets were used?
  • Which areas of the Park are busiest?
  • How long do visitors stay?
  • How many times do they revisit the Park?
  • And so much more.

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Almost all theme parks track ticket sales as a metric for success. While entry data is important, without the use of expensive RFID tagging, intelligent ticketing systems or surveying staff, there is a much more limited understanding of how the park is used by its visitors.

Imagine understanding the journey of your visitors after they have entered, which areas of the park are first visited, what percentage turn left or right, which rides are visited and in what order, how long did they stay? Perhaps more importantly, which rides attract the lowest interest, how many visitors visit an area only to leave without enjoying a ride?

With ZoneAware, all this is possible, without every interrupting your visitors. Our detections of all cellular and WiFi devices takes place anonymously and passively. Its proven technology in the most demanding environments which has enabled AirPatrol to appeal to many commercial visitor destinations.

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How do you optimize the operation of your Park? When should staff be deployed and at what location? Using our unique heat mapping tools, you are able to view the Park in real time, even review back to a previous moment in time and see how the visitors are using the Park. Perfect if you are planning cleaning, maintenance, security or customer service staff.
For the first time, AirPatrol offers the richest data set on the activity of your visitors and guests. Utilizing the RF signature emanating from every mobile device, ZoneAware ‘sees’ the mobile device as a representation for a visitor’s behavior. For the first time, Theme Park Owners and Operators have an insight into visitor behavior never available before.
In the same way a park would measure its success in other elements of its business, ZoneAware provides data and analytics to help your destination succeed in areas such as operational optimization, ride use, and the success of marketing.
With ZoneAware, you can find… How many visitors dwell within the retail offers after the ride or experience is over? How many frequent the restaurants and dine? How do you measure and then increase these opportunities?
Influencing consumer behavior is vital to increase sales and park vitality. Increasing the opportunity for a transaction at a particular location to a particular customer is changing the way retail is offered.
ZoneAware is able to see a cellular device as a ‘unique’ and consequentially can trigger a location alert to any nominated mobile device manager. When a device enters a particular location, ZoneAware provides the application server with the exact time and location, permitting the app to provide the most relevant offer right when it’s needed.
Perhaps ‘Hope you had a great time of the X ride – visit the retail store now and receive a 25% discount on apparel’ – this is all possible and proven to increase sales volumes.

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