A dynamic solution for customers and partners, AirPatrol’s ZoneDefense and AirWatch’s Enterprise Mobility Management platform is gaining international traction.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Oct. 21, 2014 – AirPatrol Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sysorex Global Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SYRX), is currently demonstrating its ZoneDefense for AirWatch® by VMware at AirWatch Connect™ Sydney 2014, taking place Oct 20-23, 2014.

ZoneDefense allows organizations using AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management to automatically switch security policies of smartphones and tablets based on the device owner and location. ZoneDefense for AirWatch creates “hot zones” that can change the features, apps and content available on an AirWatch-managed device when it enters the area. The hot zones can be as large as an entire building or as small as an office cubicle.

“BYOD and MDM are constantly in conversations but location is becoming more prevalent in every day talks around the globe,” said Cleve Adams, CEO, AirPatrol. “As smart devices use more advanced technology, context-aware concepts are in demand. With ZoneDefense for AirWatch, international organizations can shift to ‘the right policy at the right place’ mobile policy plan, which is much more suited to the mobile world.”

Automatically changing the active device policy based on location makes it possible for organizations to manage areas with different security levels. An activation of a new security policy can be triggered by current location, thus, preventing unauthorized activities such as file transfers, use of the device camera or recording, or accessing certain apps. Once the device exits the zone, the more stringent security policy is replaced with the standard policy and the mobile device activities return to normal.

AirPatrol’s ZoneDefense for AirWatch is now available from AirPatrol and AirPatrol authorized resellers. After great success at the AirWatch Connect Event in Atlanta, GA, AirPatrol extended the demonstration to Australia. AirPatrol will be at AirPatrol Asia Pacific’s booth at the Westin Sydney in Sydney, Australia from October 20-23, 2014.


Media Contact:
Lauren Edwards