Your cellular phone continuously provides information concerning your location. A new system for tracking cellular movement is now offered in Israel.

iHLS (Israel’s Homeland Security Home) April 6, 2014 – ZoneDefense is a platform comprised of various interconnected sensors, all connected to a central command and control system that provides real time information concerning movements of cellular devices within the area covered by the sensors. The system identifies 3G, 2G and 4G cellular communications in addition to Wi-Fi, and an optimal sensor placement scheme can result in very high levels of precision – up to a 3-meter error margin. The technology is also capable of communicating with MDM systems (intra-organizational systems for cellular device management) common in many organizations, and this type of communication increases the number of options available.

“The data center includes a management interface through which the client can sit and look at the devices in real time,” this according to David Eddy, CEO of Mobility In Cloud, representing the technology in Israel. “Within the management interface you can logically map more- or less-sensitive areas and implement different responses for each. For example, once a device enters a sensitive area a trigger goes into effect. The trigger can activate all sorts of security elements such as alarms or MDM interfacing. Once you identify a device with a camera, for example, while you know that no one is supposed to have a camera in that area, the organization’s devices can activate. If the organization uses MDM we can send a trigger to the MDM system, ordering it to shut down the camera. If we identify a device that doesn’t belong to the organization it’s defined as a “red device” and we activate an alarm.”


AirPatrol – developer of the technology – offers its services to organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense, CIA, FBI, U.S. Special Forces Command, BlackBerry, Wall Street financial organizations, prisons in various countries and more. The company offers a similar solution for the private sector, AwareZone, also based on the same technology. In this case the information gathered by the system doesn’t include any identifying details, only the fact that the device has entered the monitored area.

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