March 31, 2014 – Mobile Enterprise

AirPatrol Corporation’s ZoneDefense 5.0, the latest generation of mobile device detection and location security platforms, affirms redesigned software architecture—providing improved scalability, as well as a new browser-based interface.

The location system is used by public sector agencies, major enterprises and other organizations, in order to monitor buildings for the presence of both cellular and Wi-Fi devices—locate them and monitor their movements with sub two-meter precision.

“ZoneDefense 5.0 is the most significant update to the platform in nearly three years,” said Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, CTO of AirPatrol. “Since 2012 alone, we’ve seen smartphones and tablets outstrip PC growth at a rate of nearly 10 to 1, meaning that organizations are suddenly trying to maintain network and operational security in an environment where mobile devices are proliferating so quickly that it boggles the mind,” he said. “ZoneDefense 5.0 was built to address this ‘everything is mobile’ reality and the security challenges it poses.”

Groundwork for Protection
Among ZoneDefense 5.0’s improvements is a restructured software platform that gives the ability to manage larger numbers of zone sensors—used to detect devices emitting cellular and Wi-Fi signals. Clusters of sensors work collectively, in accurately determining the location of a device. Factors such as the size of a coverage area, the number of obstructions and the density of mobile devices within an area, all affect the number of sensors required to provide accurate monitoring and positioning. The solution’s new foundation now enables improved capabilities of scaling the number of sensors it can handle.

“We’re seeing situations where it might be hundreds, or even thousands, of devices present, moving freely around building campuses and floors and doing who knows what,” Levy-Yurista said. “The new architecture in ZoneDefense 5.0 is designed to help systems and security administrators get a handle on their mobile security issues regardless of how large or daunting it might get.”

Web-Based Interface
ZoneDefense 5.0 also moved to a web-based interface that eliminates dedicated client software and allows administrators to manage and monitor the system from any device with a web browser and network connection.

“The move to a web-based UI is really a reflection of the fact that systems and security administrators are increasingly mobile themselves,” Levy-Yurista said. “Being able to manage system or address an alert wherever you are right from your tablet instead of returning to a dedicated workstation is far more convenient and effective.”

Additional Enhancements

  • New reporting options
  • Added granular zone-based alerts and triggers
  • Flexible configuration preferences
  • Performance improvements

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