AirPatrol CTO, Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, to tell marketing executives how sensors, beacons, and the “Internet of Things” are giving our gadgets the ability to make decisions for us.

Mobile Marketing Exchange, Ponte Verde, FL – January 21, 2014 – Sky Net may not become self-aware any time soon, but the day when our smartphones and mobile gadgets start understanding our desires and change their behavior on the fly is right around the corner. On Wednesday, January 22, 2014, Tech Exec and Futurist, Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, will talk to top marketing and business executives about how the mass rollout of internet-connected things and new software technologies are giving smartphones the ability to do things based on who their owner is and when they are in a particular place without the need of human intervention.

Dr. Levy-Yurista is Chief Technology Officer for AirPatrol, a firm that develops systems that make mobile devices “context aware” – capable of running apps, delivering information and performing actions based on who owns the device, where it is and when it is there. The company uses a combination of cellular and wireless network sensors and sophisticated software to identify a smartphone’s location within a few feet and automatically trigger the delivery of alerts like discounts or special offers, specific informational content such as menus or product details, and even run apps for things like restaurant and hotel reservations based on the owner’s preferences and desires.

“Marketers understand that tailoring their messages and offerings for each customer is the key to success,” said Levy-Yurista. “Smartphones, unlike other gadgets, are constant companions that manage all sorts of information unique to its owner. Giving these devices the ability to automatically adjust to their owner’s interests and desires based on things like time and place is a natural evolution in the technology; one that marketers are going to want to jump on immediately,” he said. “If I’m in a mall, my phone knows I’m standing near a couple of shops. It should also know that I’m not interested in getting a manicure in the shop to my left, but I am interested in that sale on remote controlled helicopters in the store on my right. Tell me about that, not the nail polish specials.”

As exciting as this future of context-aware, self-operating technology is, there are also substantial security and privacy concerns as to how personal data is collected stored and used; Levy-Yurista will also address these issues for his audience.

Dr. Levy-Yurista as well as his AirPatrol colleague, Sage Osterfeld, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, will also be discussing context-aware technologies and issues at other venues throughout the summit. To schedule a meeting with either person, please contact Lauren Edwards at 410-794-1213.

About AirPatrol
AirPatrol is a developer of mobile device identification and locationing systems. Its flagship product, ZoneDefense, is a security platform for wireless and cellular networks that can detect, monitor and manage the behavior of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices based on their location. AirPatrol’s recently released ZoneAware is developed from mobile security values and meets today’s mobile revolution head on by empowering users’ devices. Headquartered near Washington, DC, AirPatrol has regional offices in San Diego, California, Vancouver, Canada, Sydney, Australia and Sao Paulo Brazil. AirPatrol customers include numerous government and military agencies and large enterprises around the globe. For more information on AirPatrol Corporation and its products, call 410-290-3446, email: or visit


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