santa_cat-wideNice job this year. The Ollo Clip fish-eye lens for my iPhone affirms that my photography skills continue to be unmatched. Also, I doubt I possess the self-control to have any chocolate or candy canes remaining by the time 2014 rolls around. With that in mind, I have a couple “wants” for next year. I know Christmas is over, but maybe you can ask Amazon to borrow a drone throughout the year to deliver these?

The wish:

  • Context-aware mobile. I’m overjoyed when my iPhone gives me the weather for my exact location instead of “home” but what if it took the temperature into consideration and offered me the ability to push the order to the nearest Starbucks for a venti caramel machiatto? Not only would this be easy, but the whole order process could all be taken care of by the time I got my frozen feet into coffee heaven. Bonus points if my car is part of this internet of everything and starts a few minutes before I’m ready to head out. 

It’s not just about where I am but it’s *what* I want because of where I am, what’s going on around me, and who I’m with. If I just checked out the latest historical war movie at the theatre with my father, I’m probably ready for a drink ASAP – and look! the bar across the street has happy hour specials on my favorite IPA. That is the kind of tech I need.

The others:

  • Batteries with a decent life. Those solar chargers are neat but I don’t know when I’m sitting with my phone face up to the sun… The idea that WiFi can charge my phone would be a good fit.
  • One of those surfaces where you move stuff around as if it’s floating on air. When will I need this? All of the time. If this existed, the kegerator would have some competition for “coolest office extra.”

As for non-techie stuff?

  • A winning Redskins season – that’s enough to ask right there.

Thanks, Santa, and anyone else who is able to fulfill the above list :)
Happy Holidays and have a great new year!!