BabyStorkOver the weekend, and timed by chance right before Cyber Monday, Amazon announced their plans to have drone delivery as an option. As a loyal Prime member, Amazon Prime Air made me burst out laughing as I imagined a drone carrying a variety of box shapes and sizes over pastures and streams to my rural home like a stork with a baby. Sure, drones can deliver in 30 minutes, but do they swim?

This announcement was quickly met by bashing; the FAA won’t allow it until at least 2015 (some say 2020), there are more dangers of drone delivery than perks, yada yada. Then yesterday, UPS and Google piped up and said they’re both planning to do the same thing. Imitation is the strongest form of flattery.

It’s easy to think of all the reasons this might not work, but it’s exciting to think of what would happen if it did.

Won’t work:

  • FAA regulations.
  • Say hello to the new popular form of target practice.
  • Drones probably can’t swim.
  • Hacking drones into zombies.

Will work:

  • Another reason not to leave your house? Many would ask, “Where do I sign?”
  • Easy way to shop and fast delivery – proven time and time again to work.
  • This could be hooked into the Internet of Things. Imagine this: your office holiday party is creeping up on and you don’t have a gift for the exchange yet. However, your calendar pushes a notification to you and asks if you’d like your Amazon “Dronie” to take care of it. You tap “yes” and you’re DONE. No stress necessary for a random gift under $20 and all before lunch.

This might lead to deepening relationships with technology in place of human to human interactions. Almost 20 years ago, it was warned that the web is not Nirvana but maybe it can help us reach our true potential.

At the end of every year, we are flooded with predictions for the next – what will be hot, what will be forgotten and how we can be best prepared for it. So far I’ve seen many predictions that 2014 will actually be THE YEAR for the Internet of Things. Many new companies have sprung up recently with a variety of solutions and products that address the internet of things and context aware mobility in regards to everything from the home to the consumer to the employee. We may finally have the tools to make it work and, thus, make tech work for us.

Hey, Amazon? Where can I find a zombie drone ornament for my tree?