locationphoneOne of the toughest questions about social media was how to make money off of it which led to Facebook introducing boosted posts, YouTube showing ads before a video, and sponsored tweets on Twitter. Then the question became, “So what about mobile?”

Facebook’s experiment needed to work, and it did. In Q2 this year, 41% of Facebook’s $1.5 billion in revenue came from mobile. This came from Facebook’s 819 million monthly mobile users and helped their stock rise 15% after the successful mobile report was released.

Advertisements have become less annoying as they grow in relevance to the individual and are shown at the right time. How do you know when the right time is? Location.

Smartphones and tablets have nearly doubled the time we’re online in the past 3 years. The best way for individuals to be reached by relevant advertisements and the information they need (coupons, deals, etc.) is based on their location. While at the office, we need to know if a meeting has been relocated instantly. At the end of the day, I’d love to know my favorite happy hour spot has a deal on a new craft beer.

We’re expecting more out of our devices and we have technology that is intelligent enough to keep up with, if not predict, our needs and wants. As our devices become more context-aware, location will become everything.