future-phone-1SPOILER ALERT: Last weekend I saw “Paranoia” which has been described as an espionage and business competition drama surrounding a very cool, yet unrealistic, technology. I’m not a movie reviewer so I’ll leave that to the pros, but I do have something to say about the “unrealistic” technology.

The first cool technology piece shown in the movie was called 3-DPS which is a multi-dimensional GPS program that allows peoples’ phones to be tracked indoors with impressive room by room precision. In the movie, an executive meeting watches as employees devices are tracked as they move throughout the building due to a program or app put onto their phone. This sounds familiar.

The second piece was Occura. In a nutshell, Occura is a flexible piece of tech that works as your phone, your wallet, your everything; it’s the Internet of Things on your wrist, in your pocket, etc. Based on who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve liked, Occura feeds you what you will find interesting and relevant. This is hardly “unrealistic:”

  • We’ve already seen prototypes for flexible screens and wearable devices.
  • NFC. Enough said.
  • Location is Everything. This is what ZoneDefense is all about, a contextual engine that empowers and protects based on that individual user, in and out of the enterprise.

To all of the audience members who wow’d and were even frightened by the ideas of this new technology, it’s already started and you’re probably using it. Although the movie didn’t have much cinematic value, it is doing a great job of promoting the value of location and projecting the future power of mobile to the masses. For that, thank you, Paranoia. After all, in reality, there is nothing to be paranoid about.