Company’s ZoneDefense now provides detection and locationing for phones, tablets and other mobile devices using high speed 4G networks.

Columbia, MD July 18, 2013 — AirPatrol Corporation today announced that its flagship mobile device detection and locationing platform, ZoneDefense, now supports mobile devices using the rapidly growing 4G LTE cellular frequencies in addition to 802.11 wireless and 3G/2G cellular networks. ZoneDefense is used by enterprises and public agencies to monitor for potential information breaches and security threats posed by rogue smartphone phones, tablets, laptops and other wireless devices within facilities or building complexes. The system locates and tracks mobile devices and can trigger different security policies for those devices as they enter or exit zones with positional accuracy as small as 10 feet (3 meters).

The new ZoneDefense release follows the publication of a study by Pyramid Research that estimates nearly 200 million LTE customers worldwide by the end of 2013, and 70% of all devices within four years. Experts attribute the surge in LTE growth to a number of factors including data hungry apps that demand higher transmission speeds and a growing awareness of the potential security risks in 802.11 WiFi networks.

“85% of all people are carrying a mobile phone and based on our site surveys nearly all of them are either connected exclusively to a cellular network or to a cellular and a WiFi network simultaneously,” said Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, Chief Technology Officer for AirPatrol. “Either way, for organizations that want to know what devices are moving around in their facilities, monitoring a WiFi network alone means you only see a small portion of what’s really there. You have to be able to detect devices linked to cellular networks as well. And in this day and age, that means 4G LTE networks as well as the older 3G and 2G networks.”

Launched in 2011, ZoneDefense was the first location-aware mobile security platform to detect, monitor and manage mobile devices on WiFi and cellular networks simultaneously. Initially developed to secure sensitive military and federal government installations, the ZoneDefense technology was designed to provide device identification, locationing and zone-based policy management with a precision several order of magnitude greater than similar commercially available products. In 2012, AirPatrol released its first enterprise version of ZoneDefense, offering integrations with popular mobile device management (MDM) and network security systems from AirWatch, Good, MobileIron, and others, allowing organizations with those products to selectively manage and enforce security policies based on the device’s location and context as well as the device owner’s role.

“Smartphones and tablets aren’t the same as PCs. Traditional static security solutions created for PCs won’t work when applied to a mobile and dynamic BYOD world where employees need appropriate capabilities on their personal device according to current contexts, like location,” Levy-Yurista said. “Companies are rapidly discovering the blanket policies and systems that work fine for personal computers are terribly ineffective for mobile. Implementing an enterprise MDM solution changes the operating profile of a device but in a one-size-fits-all model; ZoneDefense solves that by adding location and context awareness to these MDM systems and aligning capabilities to the situation they’re currently in.”

With ZoneDefense connected to a corporate MDM or security platform, the company can see what devices are in their facilities regardless of whether they’re on protected company WiFi or a public 2G/3G or LTE cellular network, and use that location information to rules on what a device can or can’t do based on the zone it is in.

ZoneDefense with LTE support is available immediately.

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AirPatrol Corporation is a developer of mobile device identification and locationing systems. Its flagship product, ZoneDefense, is a security platform for wireless and cellular networks that can detect, monitor and manage the behavior of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices based on their location. AirPatrol customers include numerous government and military agencies and large enterprises around the globe. For more information on AirPatrol Corporation and its products call 410-290-3446, email: or visit


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