mark_bowmanThursday, AirPatrol Corporation was recognized by AFCEA DC as an emerging technology and highlighted at the conference when Cleve Adams, CEO addressed the audience shortly after the lunch keynote speaker. An audience of industry leaders and federal decision makers, most ideas discussed centered around cybersecurity, policy creation, and mobile device integration within agencies.

Throughout presentations, frustration with the speed of technology adoption in the enterprise vs government was expressed often. It was said that it’s “not a problem of technology, but of culture” – the younger generations want everything new now and are unfamiliar with older technology, making it even more enticing to BYOD as it will speed up their work day. According to Lieutenant General Mark Bowman, Director, Command, Control, Communications and Computers/Cyber, J6, the lag time in the government’s adoption of new advances in communication technology doubles every two years.

So, we need faster integration with government from industry:

  1. As Bowman said, “Show us we might not be looking at a problem in the right way.” Innovation and research into existing problems will help increase the rate of adoption.
  2. “If it doesn’t solve a requirement, it might be a good idea” – New solutions for unknown problems leaves room for today’s technologies to be necessary in the future.
  3. Budget issues – If you bring in something new, what are you going to take off?

From the legal side, “it’s not just about winning the war, it’s about winning the court case after the war.” The right policies need to be set up and the right ideas of who owns the data on a device that is employee owned so that no lawsuits can be enacted after the loss of a device, or change of occupation. After all, 1% of the USA population is dedicated to homeland security – that’s a lot of devices.

In continuing to support industry technology’s integration with the government, AirPatrol will have a live demonstration at the AFCEA International Cyber Symposium this week in Baltimore, MD. We will be demonstrating ZoneDefense LT with our partner Sengex, LLC at booth #1423.