hackRight before Memorial Day Weekend kicked off, the US government came out with a claim that hackers originating in Iran have increased attacks on US cyber networks. Some hack attempts were so powerful that they attempted to control and manipulate the flow of oil and gas in the country.

I refer to this and other similar movements as Web War 1. These attacks are nothing new, even if the government is commenting more on recent attacks than in the past. Two weeks ago, we were warned about impending attacks to the US energy networks and our plants were the focus of threats attack months before that.

Luckily, we’re starting to gain traction with cyber attack procedures. New cyber rules in the US military’s new standing rules of engagement (SROE) may be signed relatively soon by US Cyber Command.  These rules focus on the defensive, which is fine – we won’t be anything if we can’t protect ourselves. Knowing what is going on at home is the first step to national cybersecurity success.