CTIA WirelessIt’s the middle of day two of CTIA Wireless and I am beginning to see similarities between it and the Preakness last weekend. Decked out in fancy hats or ninja costumes, we’re all betting in hopes that the bet will save the day (ie. cover the Black Eyed Susan bar tab, buy your next house, or protect your enterprise from complete destruction).

There are many new, innovative, and impressive companies in attendance and each is touting their “sure thing.” Don’t let the bad guys in, then you’ll be safe. The bad guys are already in, keep them from sending confidential information out of your network. Mobile devices are the bad guys, prohibit BYOD from becoming a mobile device policy at your enterprise. BYOD is good, just don’t let your employees make potentially dangerous decisions by managing their device, applications, network connections, etc.

But would you bet on a horse solely because you like the owner, the state the horse was bred in, or the colors of the jockey? Probably not. This is because it is a complex system of elements that create a winning horse. Bloodlines, training, trainer, owners’ management, weather, footing, jockey’s riding style, and how the gates open all impact the entire race.

The same goes for complete enterprise security. It takes a town to raise a child, and it takes a team to secure an enterprise. There are too many elements for one solution, one company, to cover them all. It took a while for us to understand PC security and now we’re in that same beginning stage for mobile device security. Yes, you can get the best MDM out there but it won’t take care of everything. Endpoint security, monitoring of wireless devices inside your walls, wireless policy enforcement, detection of cellular devices, historical forensics and real-time alerts could each be that one link in your security system that is making it vulnerable.

If I had placed a bet on the Derby-winning big bay Orb, I would have lost. Each race is different and each enterprise has different needs. It’s all a matter of finding the complete right recipe for now and the future.