indoor locationingGoogle just came out and said their newest product, Google Glass, won’t be publicly available until 2014. There hasn’t been much public outrage about this yet, possibly because potential Google Glass customers are just accepting it and moving on with their day.

It’s been said before, but the way Google has marketed Glass has been very Apple-esque: teaser, select crowds of lucky customers, a hot new idea that people will wait in (virtual) lines for after already paying the purchase price.

However, there is a risk that runs with a product that is so NEW and so INNOVATIVE, that no one GETS it. The curse of being ahead of its time is not new to mobility and its rapid evolution.

How does a capability in the beginning stages of growth for an amazing idea make it? This is something we’ve been working on since I joined AirPatrol Corporation last fall. The contextual engine we’re creating is new and different. Although we’re concentrating on dynamic policy changes and detection of all mobile devices now, this is just the beginning of a BIG idea.

Indoor locationing (I talked about some similar ideas in my WiFiSlam blog), mobile device security, MDM, corporate network mobile policies such as BYOD, contextual awareness, wireless situational awareness: these are all popular ideas right now. Pay attention today because the technology advancements in these areas will be impacting the mobile device in your hand tomorrow.

To see how some of the changes in corporate network policies may affect your iPhone, check out Mobile Active Defense’s new white paper.