I’ve been waiting for years and it’s almost here – the day when two of my passions collide. Baseball, meet technology. Umpire, the heckling may stop here.

context-aware baseballWe live in an Internet of Things world, where sensors are a part of everything and the amount of information collected and recorded is massive. Unlike the human eye, technology can spot that last-second shift in the ball’s path where a strike is incorrectly called and millions of fans are outraged. Unlike general observation, technology can quickly recognize trends based on contextual information. This leads to faster advances in security, planning, safety, convenience, and more.

A world of sensors already exists but we aren’t using them to full capacity. Remember when 3D and virtual reality was breaking edge? Now they’re making 3D screen covers for your cell phone. Tech is sprinting ahead.

What do we want? We want the most out of every experience. We want to take our personal cell phones into work and securely use them (BYOD), we want to know who is around us and why they’re there, we may even want to feel the breeze on our face while we’re watching the Kentucky Derby in a few weeks. While you’re checking the replay on your iPhone at Petco Park or Camden Yards on opening day, there are over 770 million GPS-enabled smartphones out there collecting data.

This is the beginning – the options are limitless on where context-aware mobility is going to take us. The mobile 3.0 world is approaching and secure enterprises must monitor and manage smart devices.

Today, geofencing and indoor locationing.

Tomorrow, a contextual engine with unimaginable benefits to the enterprise and consumer world.

Without contextual information from sensors, one strike may take your enterprise out of the game.