FGCUBetween the increasing amount of snow on the ground and a Cinderella school called FGCU ruining brackets from coast to coast, Monday is hitting with full force. But ruining is a strong word and I admire them emerging from a red sea of college basketball madness into a clear blue. It’s as if the mobile security world has transformed into teams, battling it out tournament style.

The Cinderella story isn’t much different than a start-up. A company starts with a fresh team full of hope and talent and a goal of battling it out with the stars, the leaders of the field. With dedication and sweat, they earn the chance to play through winning recognition of their abilities, products, and innovation. But no one can dictate how they do once they enter the tournament – they might end up on top.

Step back and look at the mobile security world. The MDM and MAM seas are red and these companies, ranging from corporate giants to garage operations, are fighting for the same spot, the same contracts. So who’s going to win?

FGCU is the first 15 seed to reach the sweet 16 and here is why: they played like they deserved to win and even though everyone else saw it as an upset, the players didn’t see it that way. There’s something different about this team – that’s what makes a start-up survive, last, and thrive as well.

Mobile security is growing incredibly quickly, even if people are now bored with the newest smartphones, but our tournament isn’t playing companies against each other – it’s playing ideas and when ideas and strategies are proven to be the best, we all win.