geekloveCongratulations to the AirPatrol team for winning the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council’s Innovator Award! The award ceremony last Thursday was an honor to attend with everything from interesting sponsor vendor tables, delicious food, amusing entertainment videos and honorable presenters.

The Innovator Award is given to the company that best exemplifies the entrepreneurship and innovative style it takes to keep the technology industry cutting-edge and forward moving.

The three finalists for the Innovator award were AirPatrol, Mindgrub, and Spotkick. Mindgrub went on later in the evening to win Tech Company of the Year – congratulations!

The start-up lifestyle isn’t something that everyone dreams about but it was fantastic to see these young and innovative companies celebrated. With high hopes and even higher energy, companies mingled with others and learned about the various success stories of the region. Even though many people love the idea of working for Google, this event applauded the underdog – the powerful new ideas that small technology companies are turning into reality.

Great job, everyone! I look forward to seeing you again soon.