phone eyeMobile World Congress and RSA have notoriously been during the same week each year, meaning companies spend their entire yearly event budget over five days. Wondering why, I was curious how RSA compared to MWC this year.

In short, MWC releases new phones, tablets, etc. and then RSA tries to figure out how to secure all endpoints in networks and make enterprises safe. With over 25,000 attendees this year, RSA had a busy expo floor but much of the networking is done across the street at the W, and this can start as early as breakfast (or so I hear). There are dozens of different gimmicks used to grab your attention as you walk through aisle after aisle ranging from a flight simulator to magic tricks to the ever common and controversial booth babe.

RSA = solutions and integrations.
MWC = new toys and mobile.

Predictions for next year say MWC will have a hot focus on operating systems instead of just devices as iOS and Android get some real competition. This sounds like a nightmare for RSA but the mobile presence in San Francisco was swallowed up by network security, cloud computing, etc. I predict this may change next year since the mobile world is taking over (heard of Google Glass?).

Great week everyone –  I look forward to talking to you again soon and, of course, finding you on LinkedIn :)