rsaNext week there will be thousands of members of the technology and cybersecurity clan heading to San Francisco to invade the Moscone Center and, maybe just as importantly, the W after various vendor parties. The RSA expo floor has expanded this year to include even more companies, flashy devices and scary security scenarios.

We’ve all done these tech shows a few times and know that it’s easy to get caught up without really meeting your goal of why you’re attending so I made myself some guidelines:

  • Make a list. Companies, products, demonstrations that you don’t want to miss. If you have an agenda, you won’t get stuck talking about servers when you’re interested in making a BYOD transition safer.
  • Listen to a keynote speaker. If you think they don’t have anything new to say, you might be right but the audience is full of knowledgeable people that have flown in to discuss these very topics – who knows what could happen.
  • Join a conversation you know nothing about. Not to contribute, but to listen. The world of security is becoming very intertwined, even between physical and cyber, and you might soon need to know something about video surveillance IP.

With this said, my Monday is currently non-stop meetings from 9am-4pm and I’ll have to leave this list for Tuesday-Thursday.  AirPatrol will be at both Good’s booth #226 and Patriot Technologies #656. If you’d like to chat while we’re both there, please email me cadams at airpatrolcorp dot com or contact Lauren’s cell at 202.567.7719 and we can meet up. See you there and, good luck.