exec order“We cannot look back years from now and wonder why we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy.” – President Obama, State of the Union, February 12, 2013

Yesterday, President Obama signed an Executive Order called “Improving Critical Infrastructure CyberSecurity” (you can see the actual order here). The 8-page document is a move to defend United States infrastructure from cyber attacks just days after various reports were released stating that we are the target of cyber campaigns, many lead by China.

The controversial CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) has been talked about for months and there are plans for it to be re-introduced, even though it currently does not have the support of the White House. The main difference between the two? CISPA would allow private companies to share details about cyber attacks with the government, whereas in the executive order the government shares information with the private sector.

The cyber world is changing and threats are morphing from laptops and USBs to mobile devices. Since we probably don’t go an hour, let alone a day, without using our phones or the internet, we are all impacted by what happens with this legislation. It’s easy to say what we should have done, but we can only hypothesize about what to do now.