Henrique-de-CastroIn a recent talk at the DLD conference, the new COO of Yahoo! (and ex-Googler), Henrique de Castro, provided some very interesting perspective into his vision for Yahoo in the years to come. To quote him, “The future of the web is going to be completely different from what it is today.” Specifically, de Castro is considering the new web from the perspective of the completely personalized content aspect. In his own words: “My web is going to be different from your web. The container will aggregate text, images and video, premium content, aggregated content and user-generated content” whereby he refers to a container as the ‘box’ which holds all the user’s content.

Looking at his vision I couldn’t but be reminded of our own words from mid-2011: “…the next-generation Internet – Web 3.0 – the personalized web. This is the web that changes its shape around the user, that is highly personalized, and that leverages the broadest sets of information available.”

Following our own guidance, we have released our own Cognitive Mobile Security product, ZoneDefense, concentrating on serving the main challenge of the enterprise in the coming era of highly personalized web: security.

As a next phase, we are now working on releasing our APIs (more info coming soon) which would allow us to connect to any 3rd party policy management system in the enterprise making it truly contextual, and allowing for the strongest, most productive personalization possible for employees in the information era.

So, to sum up, where are we today?

–          Vision? Check!

–          Product? Check!

–          Customers? Check!

–          Market recognition? Check!

–          Hockey stick? Coming…

***UPDATE: Google’s Larry Page also shares our vision for the future:
Google CEO Larry Page envisions a future in which computers plan your vacations, drive your cars, and anticipate your whims. Audacious? Maybe. But Page’s dreams have a way of coming true.