Last week, news about Prince Harry partying it up in Las Vegas au naturale hit the internet like a tsunami. If you have been able to ignore Page Six or others like it in the past week, congratulations and here’s what happened: Prince Harry had some girls in his room and played “strip pool” with them. Once stripped down, one of the girls snapped some photos with her phone and, of course, those photos spread faster than the fires on the West Coast.

Harry – Yes, you’re royalty and you can probably get away with more than the average bear, BUT… you need to be more aware of your surroundings. If you don’t want that responsibility, technology can do it for you. If you had been able to detect the cell phones, tablets, etc. that walked into the room with the girls, you could have very politely asked them to be turned off or kept in a bowl in the kitchen – far, far away from anything that could incriminate you later. While you’re at it, it’d be a good idea to keep track of any of those devices that are just using Wi-Fi as well.

BYOD shows that the dangers have expanded from the corporate world and into your homes (or hotel rooms/suites). Monitor continuously and protect yourself and those around you from the unknown.

I think Harry could have befitted from a rapidly deploy-able solution that would detect all and any Wi-Fi or cellular devices. A man on the move, Harry does not always have a physical security team with him but, with the right technology solution, Harry will be able to have his body guards notified when a mobile device breaches the “zone.”

Yes, this is a little different than our average blog but it’s Monday, and a new week! Have a great one everyone! :)