In this crazy video, we see a cell phone start an explosion in an oil tanker. Cell Phone Causes Explosion

In the YouTube video, the following is described:
“According to an email released by the South African Flameproof Association, this is what happened:

  • The lorry is driven into the correct position in the loading bay.
  • The re-fueller, in white overalls, climbs up on top and opens the dip hatches to see if there is any product still in the compartments.
  • The front compartment is a bit dark and he cannot see.
  • He puts his hand into his pocket and takes out his cellphone.
  • He shines the cellphone light into the open dip hatch which is then followed by an explosion.”

While some debate on the ability for a cell phone to cause an explosion, warnings exist about cell phone use around potentially dangerous areas found in daily life such as gas stations. With so many people having at least one mobile device on them at all times, the risks that cell phones pose are hard to contain. It is very necessary for corporations to control the presence of devices – especially in dangerous job sites such as the one in the video.

Although the average corporation is less likely to burst into flames than this oil tanker, the cyber threat that mobile devices pose can be equally, if not more, damaging to a corporation’s sensitive information, customers, reputation, and more.