AirPatrol is happy to congratulate Advisory Board Member,  Chuck Brooks, on the recent formation of Brooks Consulting International! A valued member of AirPatrol’s board, Chuck is especially very active in promoting his interests and those companies that he is a part of through social media. Below is a listing of what Chuck can bring to your organization. We’d highly recommend it! Congratulations, Chuck!

*   Executive Management: Extensive service in Senior Executive Management, Government Relations, External Relations, and Business Development for three large corporations (two public), and at the Department of Homeland Security (helped “stand up” Office of Legislative Affairs), and as a senior legislative staffer (defense & foreign affairs) in U.S. Congress. He has also worked as a registered corporate lobbyist and director of several political action committees (PACS).

*   Academia: Former Adjunct Faculty at Johns Hopkins University SAIS (taught graduate course on Homeland Security and Congress). M.A. in International relations; University of Chicago,  B.A. in Political Science; DePauw University, Certificate in International Law; The Hague Academy of International Law.

*   Issue Expertise: National security, homeland security, cyber security, defense, intelligence, foreign affairs, R & D, science & technology, CBRNE, legislative & budget processes, advocacy/grassroots & lobbying strategies, marketing, and social media.

*  Other Capabilities: Proven ability to develop strategic partnerships with government officials, corporate alliances, and media & policy groups. Assisted in issue advocacy for several law firms. Excellent research and writing skills. Large network of senior executive-level connections on social media. Top Secret Security Clearance.