eye phoneGuess what?  Bionic man is alive and he’s in the form of millions of people surrounding you.  Scared?  Don’t be; you’re one too.

People often joke that they could not pry their teenager’s iPhone out of his or her hands if their life depended on it.  This is met with understanding laughs but we aren’t really any different.  The younger generations may have their smart phone permanently affixed to their hand to update Facebook with an Instagram picture of their new Ugg boots, retweet a coupon for hot chocolate on Twitter, check in at the ice skating rink on FourSquare or send a mass text asking why no one else is at the rink yet.  All of this while ignoring everything else with earphones blasting iHeartRadio.  This is the stereotype, right?

Take a step back and look at what you’re doing right now.  If something called you away from your desk, you wouldn’t dare walk away without grabbing your cellphone; it’s probably within a foot of your keyboard.  Sure, you use your phone for email, keeping track of appointments, your contact list and other business related applications but Pandora and a Star Wars soundboard (we’re all techies at heart) may also be there.  Your building gets poor cellular reception so you jump onto the office Wi-Fi the instant you walk in so you can get BBMs, iMessages, etc.

Our dependence on these smart devices is strong, ranging from communication to navigation to entertainment to work and more.  Each device is becoming more intelligent; contextually-aware devices and applications take into account where you are and what you like as they instantly push-out notifications.

These devices can become “dirty” without the user’s knowledge and may connect to your enterprise’s network without your consent, possibly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  It’s important to manage this access, to know who and what is entering through not just your physical walls, but your cyber walls.  Those signs that say “NO CELL PHONE ZONE” are not relevant as we enter 2012.  Smart devices are going to sneak in as people honestly feel uneasy without one.

AirPatrol’s suite of products monitor what is physically in your corporation, what devices are trying to connect to and can even manage the current policy on a device depending on contexts such as location.  Here’s a video about it.  You can watch it on your mobile device that is permanently within your reach.

Happy New Year!