As we hear the drone of commentary regarding the advanced persistent threat, we must come to appreciate that these attacks are nothing new.   The APT, aka digital insider, is merely the natural evolution of tradecraft and criminality.  The arms bazaar of the internet has leveraged asymmetrical capabilities to the masses. The hackers and traditional miscreants will inevitably compromise your digital and physical infrastructures.

The threat is there and the only way to manage the threat is with advanced situational awarenessKnow your environment, both wireless and physical.  Know who is entering your borders in both the physical and virtual senses of reality.

In today’s world, wherein physical reality and virtual reality are converging on tablets and smart phones, we must come to grips with the need for a paradigm shift. How might we maintain continuity of operations as well as increase the level of discomfort to the adversary to a point wherein they no longer care to expend the resources to maintain persistence?

Advanced persistent response is the new paradigm.   In order to achieve an advanced persistent response to the APT that lingers in our smartphones and tablets, we must be able to blend our cyber and physical incident response capabilities.  Transparency must be realized through both the physical security and cybersecurity SEMs and visibility into the wireless spectrum must be overlayed.   As a nation, we must appreciate that converged threats are here to stay and only through “advanced situational awareness will our enterprises be capable of developing a concerted advanced persistent response.   Strategic awareness must blend incident response in order to heighten the pressure we place upon the digital insiders that reside within our enterprises.  The question should no longer be about building a better castle but rather how to build a better dungeon for the insider to reside within.

Next week I’ll be discussing Advanced Situational Awareness and the Security Threat Convergence with Brian Zaas, Director for Enterprise Solutions at Avineon.  Please join us for the discussion and the Q&A session that will follow.  I look forward to your questions.

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