blue water splash isolatedThe ability to change what you can do depending on where you are or who you’re with is something we all wish we could do.  If you walked into a room where no one spoke your language, wouldn’t you love the ability to suddenly speak the common language?  Wouldn’t you love to know what you need to know to be successful in that environment?  Taking information from your surroundings and adapting your capabilities isn’t a new idea.  In fact, some have been doing it since creation.

However, we are just now harnessing this ability.  Better yet, our mobile devices are doing so.

For example, more and more doctors are no longer working statically at one location.  As their services are needed in multiple places, the transportation of sensitive customer data is occurring more often than most would like.

Say you are a doctor that specializes in a rare form of cancer and your patients are in a variety of care centers around the city.  Understanding and having each individual patient’s data is vital to the success of treatment.  Memory is faulty but records, by definition, are true.  How can you guarantee the patient’s history of treatments, their allergies and more without factual data?  What is the risk of traveling with these sensitive documents from one location to another?  What if you lose the documents?  What if you read off the wrong chart?

What if your patients bounce back to health and none of their sensitive information has been leaked or exposed?  I think we’d all pick this “what if.”  This is why smart devices are infiltrating hospitals as the required records are instantly accessible and updated.  This is why doctors are able to use information, such as location, to access what they need.

Empowerment through transformation.  We bring this ability by altering the capabilities, the applications, the records, the purpose of a mobile device depending on contextual information that makes you situationally aware.  With dynamic changes, doctors are able to see the records of the patient at the first hospital but, when in a second hospital with a different patient, are unable to access and possibly leak the first patient’s data.

It’s mobile intelligence and it’s here.