forestNearly a decade ago, the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies noted a developing trend and, in response, developed one of the first cyber security insurance products. As a leader in this industry, Chubb has continued to respond to the changing landscape. Now, due to the explosion of corporate smartphones and PDAs, Chubb will support the use of AirPatrol products by their CyberSecurity liability insurance customers. The official press release can be seen here.

Chubb and AirPatrol recognize the tremendous risk of data leakage posed by mobile devices including smart phones, tablets and laptops in the workplace. The use of mobile devices by nefarious insiders coupled with the explosion of cyber intrusions into mobile devices creates a perfect storm for exfiltration of intellectual capital as shown in this SAIC report.

Given the explosive growth of attacks on mobile devices, it has become vital to manage the risk of a potential data breach. AirPatrol is able to offer a solution to proactive and forward thinking companies regarding future threats.

Wireless Risk Management and a Wireless Risk Transfer are fundamental to conducting business in 2011 and onward. Mobile risk management in her very essence is: Analysis of mobile risk posture and remote access policy. Specifically, this is the wireless continuous monitoring achieved through technology deployment that detects mobile devices and determines remote access policy compliance.

There are no shortcuts through the cyber forests.