Our country is hemorrhaging a library of congress of data every week. One terabyte of data is exfiltrated from our networks weekly, by both state and non-state actors.

Private Manning – Mr. Assange’s mule –  facilitated the WikiLeaks fiasco (http://wikileaks.org).  In case you have been traveling in Timbuktu, Wikileaks ushered in the new anarchy movement.

Since Private Manning’s arrest, the United States government has performed copious analysis of the threats posed by insiders empowered by technology.  Recently the Administration issued an executive order entitled “STRUCTURAL REFORMS TO IMPROVE THE SECURITY OF CLASSIFIED NETWORKS AND THE RESPONSIBLE SHARING AND SAFEGUARDING OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION” (http://m.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/10/07/executive-order-structural-reforms-improve-security-classified-networks-) There are many important elements to this order.  Firstly agency heads must now sign off on the implementation of this plan, rather than hiding behind the veil of plausible deniability.  Second – and what I perceive as paramount – is stated within Section 2.1b: “(b) implement an insider threat detection and prevention program consistent with guidance and standards developed by the Insider Threat Task Force established in section 6 of this order”.

The great public servants of the Office of National Counter Intelligence Directorate (ONCIX) have spent thousands of hours focused on how to thwart both the traditional insider and the digital insider threat.  By the grace of god, the administration woke up and listened.  I commend their efforts and applaud the recent executive order, as it will thwart the hemorrhaging of our national secrets.

We here at AirPatrol recognize the pervasive threat posed by proximity attacks.  The nefarious insider’s greatest instrument is the smart phone.  Managing the risk posed by these insiders, and the digital insiders inhabiting smart phones, is our priority.  We salute the ONCIX and the President for taking a tactical stand against the insider threat.

Sometimes it is best to look in the mirror.