“But terrorism is not the best analogy here. Who could have imagined that people would have flown airplanes into buildings? The difference with cyber is there are people trying to fly planes into buildings every day now. And everybody just looks the other way.”

The above was explained by a senior Senate staffer in Michael Joseph Gross’ “Enter the Cyber-dragon,” an article in Vanity Fair’s September 2011 issue.  The cybercrimes of today are not new in concept – fraud, theft, impersonation, denial of service and related extortion demands have all plagued the financial services industry for years.  However, the widespread use of the Internet and emerging wireless technologies to carry out these acts have exposed everyone using information technology to crimes of greater impact and scope.

Expect to be hit.” – Tom Kellermann, CISM, AirPatrol’s CTO.

The evolution of security threats in the financial sector has changed from the burglar with a get-a-way car.  This threat was purely physical and may have started out with insider information, but now the threat has done a 180.  Managing this invisible risk is challenging.

Join William Henley, Senior VP for Regulation of BITS (the technology policy division of the Financial Services Roundtable), and AirPatrol’s Tom Kellermann for a webinar on Tuesday, September 6th at 11am ET During their presentations and a concluding Q&A session, hear about the evolution of the cybersecurity threat and learn how you can now see past the cloak of invisibility.