Something has been going on and building since 1985 but only a small number of people are paying attention.  Although it could have changed the lives of everything and everyone in the industry, no one was really aware until it was Judgment Day.  This specific group had been working hard with one goal in mind: to beat their opponents around the world and win the ultimate prize of recognition and respect.

Last Sunday, July 17, 2011, the FIFA Women’s World Cup ended with the US losing to Japan in a heartbreaking shoot out.  However, there was a crowd watching this game that had possibly only learned about the Women’s World Cup’s existence a week before.  The record setting of 7,000 tweets per second about the game proved that people were paying attention.  But will the buzz die down and all of their hard work be forgotten?

This is a theme that is prevalent in security as well.  Every time a major event occurs like a company suffering a billion dollars loss, stolen federal secrets or leaked customers’ private information, corporations and individuals feel pressure to bulk up their security.  They might change their passwords to something more complicated than “password!” or ask their employees to refrain from connecting their personal phones to the office wi-fi network.

The only way to prevent surprises is to be continuously aware of what is happening, who is doing it and where they are.  Although the US Women’s Soccer Team almost taking home the trophy was a pleasant surprise to the majority of US citizens, the surprises that can sneak into your confidential files, hack your network and cause havoc to your organization leave much to be desired.  The concept of wireless situational awareness is an important daily policy.

The US lost in a head to head battle this week, don’t let the next loss be yours.

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