One of the most intriguing and thought-provoking philosophers of all times (and a personal favorite) is David Hume.

I still remember my shock while sitting in epistemology class, 15 years ago, when the professor summed up a key tenet of his theory eliminating the concept of causation. According to Hume, we reason inductively by associating constantly conjoined events, and it is the mental act of association that is the basis of our concept of causation. In layman’s words what this means is that our notion of Event A causing Event B is patently false and is derived by our fickle human rationale seeking patterns and trends. All we should commit to, per Hume, is that Event B (usually) follows Event A, nullifying the notion of causation entirely.

Wait, what? Causation is a falsehood of our human nature. This means, in simple terms that we live in a world that has no cause and effect. All that we are left with are complex sets of correlations and connections, outlined in space-time.

Please pick up your jaw from the floor and let’s proceed.

Now, if we thought that Immanuel Kant was out there claiming that space and time were figments of our imagination, imagine what Hume does to our sound logic as he throws it out of the window…

Ok, so where does that leave us now that causation logic is gone? It leaves us with a very strong correlation engine and the next-generation Internet – Web 3.0 – the personalized web. This is the web that changes its shape around the user, that is highly personalized, and that leverages the broadest sets of information available. Essentially this means there is no need to analyze for causes and effects. All one really needs to do is to collect as much input as possible, normalize it, operate on it through a strong computational correlation engine, and spew out the result. In short: Context-driven content.

Accordingly, the beauty of what we are bravely developing here at AirPatrol, with our location-aware, context-driven intelligent enterprise mobility platform, is the ultimate Hume-inspired correlation engine. We no longer seek logic for causation; all we seek is strong correlation based on diverse context input, to be able to provide the just-in-time content.

The first stepping stone in this staircase to Hume’s heaven will be our first product ZoneDefense – collecting contextual information involving location, back-end systems, user profiles and mobile device characteristics. These in turn would allow us to churn out device policy, network configuration and communication profiles.

This being just a humble step following in Hume’s metaphysical path on the road to true mobile humanity, we take it with our hopes high. Web 3.0 for the enterprise –this begins with our release of ZoneDefense on Aug. 16th.

(Check out this demonstration video of AirPatrol ZoneDefense.)

Guy Levy-Yurista is AirPatrol’s Vice President of Product and Development.