The internet, in its ever-changing landscape, is about to go through yet another transformative phase. This incarnation can best be described by just two terms: Personal and Mobil. We will now witness heretofore unimaginable utility when contextual information, with location as its bedrock, is integrated with mobility.

It was the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant who suggested that time and space are not materially real but merely the ideal a priori condition of our internal intuition. This idea, radical and appealing at the same time, has encountered many who opposed it over the centuries since its articulation. However, today, 230 years after the first publication of the Critique of Pure Reason, we are about to witness the virtualization of space and time and the utilization of it as the basis for all of cyber reality. The new mobile web is thus pushing space and time back into the realm of intuition, only this time it is digital. Location aware services, and by extension context aware services, having matured going through the Gartner Hype Cycle are emerging from it as the foundation for the next generation web experience.

Three main trends are converging in our current technological cycle to form the largest tsunami to have yet hit cyber space, bringing with it the next generation internet – the personalized mobile web:

  1. The emergence of location as a key component to cyber-reality;
  2. The rapid growth in availability of digital context via the cloud; and
  3. The anticipated explosive growth from 1 billion computing machines to 10 billion intelligent mobile devices over the next 5 years.

The result is mind-boggling – our mobile devices are about to become an immediate extension of our own persona. They will become our best ally knowing at all times where we are, why we are there, how we got there and where we are headed. These devices will not only have knowledge of location and time, but also of context. Our personal history, preferences, habits, and circles of influence will become a key input into the overall emerging picture of who we are and what is it that we want to achieve.

This will not only be true in our personal lives but would also be reflected at our workplace. As smartphones and tablets begin to permeate the office an opportunity emerges for a quantum leap in productivity and efficiency. As these intelligent mobile devices allow us to personalize the web surrounding us we will all become much more effective, productive and, intelligent in our work.

AirPatrol is building the platform for the future of enterprise mobility as it is taking off. The ability to accurately locate mobile devices (indoors and out) – is crucial but it is just one of numerous contextual feeds that our intelligent platform that drives dynamic services and intelligent security. This creates order out of context chaos, allows us to make sense of cyber reality, and accelerates the time when the virtual and the real worlds collide.

Guy Levy-Yurista is AirPatrol’s Vice President of Product and Development.