The acceleration of the consumerization of IT has ushered in a new epoch in human history. Not since the advent of the wheel has civilization been altered so dramatically.

We all enjoy the mobile cyber experience but we must appreciate that there is a dark side to convergence. As Cyberspace merges with the real world via our mobile devices, so too merge criminal and antisocial behavior. The Western world has realized via the legacy of cybercrime that we cannot rely upon law enforcement or our governments to protect us from the miscreants of cyberspace. The larger issue is that with the advent of mobile banking, the hacker community is targeting mobile devices with zeal.

The lack of civility in cyberspace is now manifesting itself not just in our home computer or work computer, but now it can manifest itself in our pockets. Smart phones security is not ready for this scourge. The hostile environment of cyberspace – transmitting wirelessly upon devices that are literally connected to our hips – has created a “tempestate fulmine “, the perfect storm.

The future of our civilization is dependent upon an awakening of humankind to the externalities posed by ubiquitous mobile computing. Cyberspace is a hostile environment which is being colonized by non-state actors and nation states. Space and time are converging via our smart phones, whose contextual experience with our lives makes the security threat a truly personal experience.

In 2011, the consumerization of IT has created a perfect storm for criminality. Our lack of appreciation for the sophistication and organization of miscreants fuels the hostile environment. Mobile risk management is imperative in order to preserve the mobile landscape from the harsh winds and lightening associated with the wireless tempestate fulmines.

We at AirPatrol are dedicated to endowing our customers with greater situational awareness to navigate thehostile wireless landscape.

Tom Kellermann is AirPatrol’s Chief Technology Officer.